Chance is Not Marketing


Marketing can be overwhelming.

After all, everyone else seems to be doing better than you. And, often they do so with strategies you wish you could master.

Someone you know won new client through Twitter. Another person won big contract by sending out postcards. That internet bloke you know got a job through a guest post and so on. The list is long.

These people seem to be living proofs that all those obscure marketing strategies work, right?


None of this stuff is marketing. Sure, these people got results but it wasn’t entirely through marketing.

It was pure chance, an accidental encounter that led to a new business opportunity or a sale. Once.

And once is not marketing.

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Two Words That Made Me A Better Writer, Overnight

Hey James.

That’s it. Here they are.

I thought I won’t bother you with long introductions, stories, quotes or whatever else and go straight to the point. The two words that made me a better writer.

Hey James.

Or Thomas. Jenny. Stephen or any other name at that. It doesn’t actually matter.

What’s important is that addressing someone at the start of my copy forced me to write for that person, as if speaking directly to her.

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